Monday, July 16, 2007

Lord of the Email: Return of the Newsletter

having battled with my own personal demons for the last few months, I'm going to attempt to get back into the groove of things and even attempt an update of the format.  I know not all of you read this religiously (even though it IS a religious experience, can't you feel the wonderment?) but its cathartic for me.  I'm adding tags to the links now that summerize the content, I'll try to be as unbiased as possible. ;)  those will be in green.

so here we go:
    I think we are living in times that can be described both as amazing and perilous, and I have the hope that we may use our talents and understanding to build a better future.  for the last six years we have lived the embodiment of FUD (for the uninitiated geeks, that's Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt) as we are told that the world is out to get us and we ought to be looking over our shoulders.  well there is one fundamental flaw with such reasoning, we're probably going to run into something unexpected because we're not paying attention to where we're going.  one of the thoughts I've had on this subject is the lack of vision we seem to be experiencing these days.  gone are the days of the Nuclear Age or the Space Age and their accompanying boosts of the imagination.  to be fair, we do have the internet, but I can only watch so many videos of people getting their genitalia abused by a dog riding a Mentos-n-Coke-powered skateboard before I have to wonder if its really helping us have any inspiration for the future.  I mean, its great and all that I can superpoke someone (where's the porn reference now?) or see photos of cats, dressed up by nutjobs, being in my whatever doing something to my stuff; but where is the enlightenment of the masses we were promised in the 90's?  I think Al sold us a highway to Tardtown based on some of the stuff I've seen on here.  But there is hope, even if the majority of internet users seem content to upload compromising photos/videos of themselves, there is still a multitude of useful information that can be used to improve life and communication.  and maybe, just maybe, as this grand forum continues to evolve and grow, a few people will be inspired and can use this tool to better the world around them.  the most any of us can do is try, and so try I do.  that being said....


Body Politic
Republicans are faltering in their presidential support, methinks '08 is a little too close for some of them:
(Iraq, Republicans, war spending)
but why worry about Iraq when you can invade Iran?
(Iran, war, Cheney, Bush),,2127115,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

oversight? what oversight? we don't need no stinking oversight!
(spying, Bush )

lying to the courts? $250000. obsruction of a federal investigation? 30 months in prison. setting up your fallguy but giving him a ticket out of it and buying his silence? priceless...   there are some things money can't buy, this isn't one of them:
(Scooter Libby, Bush, court)
and Libby's judge feels hurt that Bush doesn't value his opinion:
this just in, 1 does not equal 1, Tony Snow claims "well, you can't be entirely sure.  is 1 apple like 1 orange? the President feels that it would be wrong and counterproductive to make the comparison.  and besides, apples and oranges have nothing to do with this case.  next question, please":

Obama wants you to know "I'm totally not like those other guys":
(election, Obama, Hillary, Edwards, debates)

Rep. Scott calls the Justice Dept. a bunch of hypocrites, the Justice Dept. responds that he is a "doodiehead":
(Congress, Justice Dept, executive privilege )

you may like your gun, but the government...not so much:
(gun laws, Second Amendment, court)

Iraqis aren't the only ones who can't be adequately protected by the military:
(women, rape, military)

there are rumors of the New World Order; I don't believe there is a vast, all-encompassing conspiracy, but we would do well to remember that intrigue is old hat the world round:
(conspiracy, NWO)

Peak Oil may be upon us, or maybe not.  Big Oil responds "move along, nothing to see here":
(Peak Oil, energy)

Big Oil: "look, we said NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG!"
(solar power, energy)

Big Oil:"oh come on! we started in Texas! how can you do that to us?"
(wind power, energy, Texas )

Techno Beat
congratulations, one in three of you is an iSheep:
(Apple, iPhone, marketing)

can you hear me now?.......hello?......
(cell phones, nutjob, tank)

and in case you didn't hear (heh, puns are fun), internet radio may go off the air but there's hope yet...if you'll allow the media companies to tell you what you can and can't do with the music:
(internet radio, DRM, legislation)

space...the final frontier....for profit...
(space, NASA)

Sony is in ur tubez, buyin ur vidz:
(Sony, web video)

News of the Odd
awww, rich people can't have sex in their submarines without being interrupted by dolphins, boo hoo:
( sex, submarines, dolphins)

rubber ducky, you're the make bathti.....OH MY GOD!! RUN!
(giant rubber duck)

are you a thinker? do you find yourself thinking two, three times a day? or maybe even more? don't worry, help can be had now!

diamonds are forever, espesscially a diamond the size of the freakin moon:
(huge ass space diamond)

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