Monday, July 23, 2007

The More You Don't Know (July 23)

dearest readers, say it ain't so! I hope that I have helped you be more informed on the subjects and goings-on, but sadly many of your neighbors don't have access to such awesomeness, so remember to pass it along!
I understand that we live in a time of media-bombardment.  it is difficult to find the time to investigate the world around us while we have our day-to-day mundanity to deal with.  most times all we want to do is come home and have a beer while the sports highlights run (or in my case whatever sci-fi my DVR has picked up).  but we can only bury our heads in the sand so long before the wolves come.  so the problem becomes one of motivating ourselves and our fellow citizens to stop filling up on media twinkies and ho-hos and instead turn return to the idea of yesteryear's morning or evening paper at the dinner table, chock full of informational goodness and updated for our 21st century lifestyle.  but the news of today is a world-wide web of information and navigating to the relevant bytes can be as frustrating as driving on any highway come rush hour.  but we're getting better.  we've now seen the rise of social news sites and citizen journalism and I have the hope that as these tools are continually refined in the coming years we will see a more complete world-view, succinct in it's delivery, sublime in its message. 

Body Politic
once we had remember the Alamo or the Maine, but it may be prudent in days to come to remember the Reichstag or so a former Reagan man has warned us:
( Bush, Republicans, terror attacks)
and lest you doubt such a thing might happen, again it is those who don't learn from history that are doomed:
but the victors write the history books so who watches the watchers?
and lest you further doubt the idea of political intrigue in America, here's another conspiracy:

this has to be one of the most well written pieces on Iran that I have read and makes the most convincing case for taking action against Iran.  I was honestly surprised by my reaction to it:
(Iran, sanctions, war)

does the dog drool when the terror bell goes off?
(CNN, al Qaeda, Bush Administration, terror)

thanks to the efforts of the Bush Administration we are safer now than....oh...well, nevermind then:
(terrorists, Bush, NIE)

so apparently all Congress has to do is lure Bush into the chambers, perhaps with a doughnut or a taco, and they've got him:
(Congress, Bush, subpoenas)
legal expert baffled at all the executive privilege flying around.  executive privilege is another name for Cheney's army of flying monkeys:
(executive privilege, Bush, law)
and here's some suggestions about how to deal with those pesky privileges:
(Congress, executive privilege, showdown)

404: Building not found:
(photography, national security)

and the Administration feels that you shouldn't be able to sue your telco provider because they spied on you, they were just doing their patriotic duty:
(warrantless wiretaps, AT&T, spying)

Dick Cheney and the Chamber of Secret Energy Meetings:
(energy policy, secrecy, Cheney)
I can see where this one is going...
Gonzales: "I do not recall receiving that list of questions"
(attorney firings, Gonzales, Congress)

a timeline of Bush's service record, interesting read:
(Bush, military service)

want to know where your candidate stands on something? just move your mouse around:
(campaign '08, political issues)

the YouTube debates are tonight, is it a step forward for democracy? or is it a sham?
(youtube, debates, election)

one of my personal favorites for the election, the man who wants to get rid of half the government, Dr. Ron Paul:

The Corporate Mind
the death of ebay?
(ebay, litigation, corporate control)

a question to ponder, does making money off of sick people make sense?
(health care, corporate interests, business)
and a side note, did the new rules for postal rates screw over everyone but the Big Dogs?
(mail, postage rates, corporate favoritism)

The French laugh and fart in your general direction from their beaches:
(work, vacation, corporate mindset)

tada! when you do the numbers, corn won't work.  now, what reason would politicians have in investing in such a scheme? hmmmm...
(energy, corn, ethanol)

ethanol backlash is mounting, this guy says corn ethanol can only be good because its American(tm):
(ethanol, science, politics)

obviously Prius-owners are violent, terrorist types who hate our gas-guzzling freedoms:
(Hummers, Prius, vandalism)

another group claims development of supercheap solar cells, I ask where is my flying solar-powered car?
(solar power, energy)

will wonders never cease? in the future you could be flying thanks to your poop:
(alternative energy, aviation, poop)

an article that puts it in black and white, its not a race to save Mother Earth, its a race to make sure we can still live here:
( environment, conservation, global warming)

ultracapacitors are on the way, get ready for your electric car:
(science, energy, capacitors)

Techno Beat
would you like to play Global Thermonuclear War?
(computer overlords, checkers, technology)

I can has superpowerz?
(superpowers, technology)

the view from on high, its all about the cosmic oneness:
(overview effect, spirituality, God)

this message brought to you from the future in a galaxy far, far away: "don't kill grandpa!"
(science, faster-than-light, communications )

wireless broadband continues its push forward:
(technology, wireless, internet)

News of the Odd
remember the disappearing bees? another explaination comes to light:

durrrr, I can has downloads?
(humor, torrents, email)

a collection of things that don't belong on anyone's body:
(tattoos, bad art, humor)

LOLZ!!1one Jezus m4k3z teh funniez!1
(humor, Bible, internet meme)

this one has to be seen to be believed:
(frozen, half-eaten deer)

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