Friday, May 25, 2007

entropy is coming to get you

you can't escape it, "God" built it into the universe and it's coming to get you. your body is decaying as you read this and before the universe ages the same equivalent to a second of your life, you'll be long gone. no matter what philosophy or religion you buy into to, your actions on this rock of dead star matter, matter not. death comes surely to us all, an on-rushing wave of inevitability that causes all men to pause in their wanderings and reflect on their purpose, often with no discernible answer. what then should we do? waste away in idle luxury and pleasure; placating the physical beast until such time as the body relinquishes it life force? perhaps we should spend our time, buried, nose in book, training up the mind for eventualities we will never engage as we languish in the library of potential. NO, the only course that bears fruit of fulfillment and satisfaction is one of action. action born of understanding and prudence; action that is tempered with wisdom and knowledge that bring forth a harvest of meaning. whatever belief you have in the origin of man's intellect and capacity, one cannot deny that actualization of our potential is what gives us our superiority, for if man were to rest upon his laurels, he would find only wilted flowers underneath his ass. idle hands did not carry us to the moon. idle hands did not construct wonders of the mind. idle hands will never reward the flesh with the bounties of the imagination. to take action is acknowledge the will to become. in each person is the innate desire to become more than we are. there may be no single form that we seek, but in each person we find this dream of becoming. the sadness and disappointment that so often accompany us on life's journey is the direct result of our failure to become that which we seek to be. whether it be riches, fame, marriage, parenthood, security, comfort, recognition, or appreciation; we all desire to have our heart's wishes come to pass. to what end, however? at the end of all things, the meaning we ascribe to our reality passes with the universe that gives rise to said reality. but to abandon our hopes and dreams in the face of entropy is the very definition of nihilism. the despair of nihilism serves no purpose, and indeed denies the idea of purpose. I argue, however, that purpose had its genesis within the self; that the nature of consciousness gives rise to the capacity for self-determination, and thus destiny, that is chosen and produced by the conscious mind. it is no coincidence that "destiny" and "destination" share the same root idea; movement towards a final position indicated by the cessation of travel. so as you move through your destiny today, reflect on where you wish to cease your journey.

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