Tuesday, July 31, 2007

404: Clever Headline Not Found (July 31)

Body Politic
a rundown of the YouTube debate:
(debates, YouTube, Democrats) http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Citadel_CNN_YouTube_Democratic_debate_0723.html

show me the money!
(election, fund raising) http://www.philly.com/dailynews/columnists/john_baer/20070725_John_Baer___Are_Dem_candidates_sellouts__Follow_the_money.html

are the Republicans scared of You...Tube?
(YouTube, debates, Republicans) http://www.newsday.com/news/elections/ny-usrudy0728,0,6331768.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

can the Internet give marginalized politicians the platform they can't buy?
(internet, elections, Ron Paul, Mike Gravel) http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-ronmike25jul25,0,667006.story?coll=la-politics-campaign

Senate Wars: Return of the Judiciary
(Gonzales, Senate hearings) http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Gonzales_returns_to_Senate_Judiciary_Committee_0724.html

Gonzales: "what I meant to say wasHEY LOOK OVER THERE!"<flees the Senate floor>
(domestic spying, Gonzales, Congress) http://thinkprogress.org/2007/07/25/harman-intel-activities/

showdown at the OK Congress:
(executive privilege, Congress, courts) http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2007/07/25/reasons-to-doubt-conventional-wisdom/

Tony Snow accuses Congress of making up controversies about Gonzales, "just leave him alone! he didn't hurt anybody!"
(attorney firings, Congress, Gonzales) http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/07/27/gonzales/

the DoJ doesn't have to prosecute contempt charges, or to put it in another way, Congress has bark and no bite:
(Congress, Dept. of Justice, subpoenas, contempt charges) http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/003779.php
I'd like to argue that my traffic citations should be equally unenforceable
and Tony thinks Congress is pathetic, I'm not inclined to disagree with him but for other reasons:
( White House, contempt charges, Congress) http://rawstory.com/news/afp/White_House_assails_lawmakers_over__07252007.html

Congress has special powers over the Court, it can add, subtract, multiply and divide; kinda like a calculator that runs on old men:
(Congress, Supreme Court, checks and balances ) http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/26/opinion/26smith.html?ex=1343102400&en=cd4a1c051d3c7c96&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss
I'm waiting on the assertion of "judicial privilege"

more accusations of inappropriate political maneuvering by the White House:
(political influence, White House, Hatch Act) http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2007/07/24/855383-white-house-defends-political-briefings

al Qaeda, Iraq, Bin Laden, Iraq, Bin Laden, al Qaeda, Iraq, Bin Qaedaraq, Iral Qaeden:
( Bush, speech, hidden messages) http://www.politics.ie/viewtopic.php?t=24815

guess what? Steven Colbert does prophecy on the side:
(Colbert, election 2000, prophetic) http://blog.throwawayyourtv.com/2007/07/prophetic-colbert.html

so we've heard it for years, but can income tax finally be proven to be a fraud?
(income tax, court, Constitution) http://wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56855

(Sen. Stevens, bribery, FBI) http://www.adn.com/news/politics/fbi/story/9179115p-9095789c.html
free the tubes!

this lady alleges that she was gagged for political gain, I could make a crass joke here but I'm above that:
(corruption, cover-up, Congress) http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/30/82055/9504

The Corporate Mind
can a corporation love? can it bleed? can it feel the wind on its face?
( corporate personhood, legal status) http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/30/22953/7787

let's go fly a kite, up to the highest heights:
(energy, wind power) http://www.inhabitat.com/2007/07/17/flying-wind-turbines/

even more breakthroughs in solar cell technology, and I'm still driving my gas-powered car and living in a coal-powered house:
(solar power, energy, science) http://www.physorg.com/news104501218.html

look! its a giant floating windmill!
(wind power, magnetic levitation, energy) http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/07/colossal_magnet.php

here's your chance to work with scum of the earth and be all the better for it:
(energy, pond scum, biofuel) http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=3418334&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312

News of the Odd
can you not only think outside the box but rethink the box as well?
(thinking, mind, personal growth ) http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/5-ways-to-develop-independent-thought/

cross the Meow-mix commercial with The Ring and you get this cat:
(freaky, cat, death ) http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/D/DEATH_CAT?SITE=CTNHR&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

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