Wednesday, October 25, 2006

tick tock goes the election clock, but whose time is it?

It's election time folks, that wonderful, feel-good time of the year where we all get to bitch about how horrible the government is and then promptly do nothing about it.  The apathy of America come election time is much the same as the leaves changing color in the Northeast.  Everybody loves to comment on it and vows that they're gonna make it out there "one of these days" but the only people who do make it out are the people who live there (and hate having to rake the damn leaves) and those retired people who have too much time on their hands (and have nothing better to do).  Endless hours will be spent on every news outlet discussing ad nauseam every detail of the election: page scandals and who knew what when, foreign policy or lack there-of, staying the course or pulling out (Republicans have yet to stage the mother-of-all arguments against this one), fences, "nucular" weapons (Iran and the guy with the platform shoes), oil prices, security vs. rights, etc.  But for all the hot air blowing in the media, the cold air seems to keep people at home come election time.  Voter turnout among the younger demographics has always been lackadaisical at best.  Sadly, most younger people fail to grasp how the issues of today are going to have grave consequence for them in years to come.  Simply put, today's screw-ups will be paid out of the pockets of the younger generations for decades to come.  The octogenarians who play the power game have the distinct advantage of being able to reap the benefits, blame their failure to sow on mental decline, then kick off before the next winter.  Meanwhile, we of the younger generations are left holding the bag of flaming dog poo, unable to ring the geezers' bells before they croak.  We're the ones who will pay off the $9 Trillion dollar debt, go without Social Security, (hopefully) fight to regain our lost rights, wean the country off foreign energy, and rebuild our standing in the international community.  God help us.  In the meantime, there's plenty of "The Simple Life" and "American Idol" on the Tivo, lots of trendy, formulaic pop songs on the iPod, and loads of "friends" waiting for you to post your latest drunken escapades on Facebook...better get to it, these things don't take care of themselves.

Stealing an Election 101: or how I learned to stop worrying and love democracy
and if that doesn't work for ya, just skew the media however you like:

Russia opposes the current sanctions draft for Iran:,23599,20653467-1702,00.html
mainly because they have alot of money tied up there, specifically in constructing a NUCLEAR REACTOR:
clearly they are unbiased in this situation

how free is your expression?

Canucks...the tree-huggin', freedom-hatin', weed-tokin', socialist-healthcare-givin' neighbors to the north are just a bunch of sissies:

(today's inappropriate joke is brought to you by the makers of Head-on; remember, apply directly to the forehead, failure to apply to the forehead can result in nausea, dizziness, low sperm count, mood swings, indigestion, and possible heart attack, use as directed)
Michael J. Fox shakes up the election race with a new tv ad:
but fear not, Red-staters; Jesus, Ray's wife, and some important sports figures are on the case to give the issue a shakedown:
don't forget kids, if Jesus wanted you to be like normal people, he wouldn't have given you all those diseases
I like how Kurt Warner dismisses the idea, "well California spent $6Billion and they won't see results for 15yrs, obviously its not worth it, I mean, who wants to wait 15yrs for something?"

blogging on attack from all sides:

what's more fun than Republican's children embarassing them? not much!
I could go on, but enough fun for one day, next time Dems take the seat

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