Friday, October 13, 2006

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doing anything or saying anything about North Korea is an act of war:,2933,219620,00.html
ah crap, I just committed an act of war
but can they really do something about it?
another good breakdown of the situation:

damn the torpedoes, stay the course; and don't pay any attention to that silly death report, those guys totally made that up and people who make stuff up are bad people:
and now for the science:
more rejection:
and the counter:

good news! the deficit is the smallest its been in FOUR WHOLE YEARS!,0,5575449.story?coll=la-home-nation
uh, well, maybe its not that good:
but perhaps things aren't so bad:
nope, we're boned:
oooor not:
just remember kids, when you have things like "numbers" and "statistics" you can make them say whatever you want.  and if they don't say what you want you can just say the people who produced them are full of crap ( see above).  or you can just add a couple of days here and there and call it a day instead:

the justice department is considering bringing treason charges against an American fighting with al Qaeda:
perhaps its time for a history lesson and try and figure out why they didn't charge the last guy with treason and instead issued a gag order forbidding him from talking about treatment in US custody:

and speaking of not being able to speak, don't back talk Cheney, he don't like it:
I just wonder how much longer I have till they come for me

Mark Warner steps out of the '08 running, so much for a decent candidate that can get something positive done:
Arun, this is your fault, you need to go talk to this guy

this week's invadable country:

what news did you not read this week?

the Apple NY store is an insult to Islam, its a cube, the Kaaba is a see the connection:
welcome to the United States of Islam, where muslims can discriminate against whoever they don't like, but we can't pull them out of a line in the airport for additional screening:
I think the phrase "double standard" is lost on them

nice to know that the government is doing it's job protecting us from monopolies and Big Business:
and that they make sure we have enough money to live:

forget global warming, watch out for changes in Earth orbit:
and what if we all vanished today? what would happen to Earth:

lawyers work for the good of the people (people here are defined as lawyers):

video games are a public nuisance:

buy a DVD, play it on anything but a PC:

get ready for TV with frickin' laser beams in it:

cue horrible joke (I can't help myself!!);
I don't get why everyone is making such a big deal out of a Lidle crash:
STRAIGHT to hell, yes sir, STRAIGHT to hell...

I'll say this much for the first time, thank goodness for carbon dioxide emissions:

I want to say I already reported this, but DEAR GOD, they'll deep fry anything:
that having been said, I still want to try it
but has all that deep-fried goodness made you a fatass? then you're in luck! get ready for "negative calories", brought to you by the same Coca-Cola:

vigilante justice, just the way momma used to serve it:

now you may think I'm a terrible person for laughing my ass off at this one, but I will point out that if this lady were 40yrs younger you'd all be laughing with me so we'll just assume all that extra time will heal her wounds because she probably doesn't have much left as it is, that being said, I present the Daily Schadenfreude:
I'm absolutely sure that the postal worker was joking around with her, noting the obvious that an almost 90yr old grandmother is probably the least likely person to be going on some jihad, and she can't take a joke

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