Saturday, November 25, 2006


so much for "with us or the terrorists", Iran gets a great deal on air defense missile systems from Russia:

see? the democrats won and now more babies will die, ergo, the terrorists won:

another reason to consider the land of the north for your next home:
now that's what I'm talkin aboot
and coming in at number 9 on the democracy scale, not the US:
unfortunately I think they send dodgers back these days:,2933,231758,00.html

ok, when I watch this commercial, I envision a guy fleeing the oncoming horde before succumbing to the onslaught:
I'll take a quick moment to comment on another interesting internet trend.  apparently now you can post a video response to videos you view on youtube.  it began with this simple, slightly amusing video of a pug spinning around imitating a blender:
cute, right? but this is just the start of a weird journey into the minds of people on the internet.  now we have the chance to see what the twisted minds of the people who viewed this clip came up with.  first we have the subtle, witty response from muttley, who assures us its really him:
I don't know why an Iraqi insurgent was watching a pug dance, but I dig his humor
next we have...well I don't know what this is, you just have to watch for yourself:
this is what the internet is going to do to us all, we're all going to go insane.  I'm just glad I got a head start :)

suck it verizon/t-mobile/cingular:

not getting lucky often enough? blame the pilgrims:
"yeah we really only have one rule around here in Plymouth, if its fun, its probably a sin"
and here's some advice to getting the other luck:

your whole wheat bread just got alot healthier:

come, let us look into the future...all the way to the year 2000:
where's my flying car?!?

if you loved the idiot breaking the sword on the shopping network, get ready for his encore with a Dell computer:

Mmmmmmm, cotton tshirts....

the evolution up to the Revolution:

your wi-fi laptop is giving you cancer...head cancer:,,591-2461748,00.html


free speech in high school? obviously this kid is living in Dreamland:,7034,20818124%5E13569,00.html

the Russians were obviously overcompensating for something here:

The Daily Schadenfreude:

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