Thursday, November 9, 2006

in Soviet Russia, news reads you!

Good Morning Mr. President, would you like some OJ with your humble pie?
and for clarification, and an illustration of modern American politics, here's Bush's statements pre-election:
way to cave in, sir.  I haven't seen a cave in like that since those coal mining accidents.
and its Webb with the breakaway for the win:
the Chinese weigh in with their thoughts:
and the rest of the world gives its two cents, thus depriving starving children of their daily meal:,,-6200318,00.html

this in from Iraq, the health minister says that over 150,000 Iraqis have died since the war's start, about three times more than the Administration has claimed:
its still shy of that 655,000 that The Lancet claimed but way more than the "official" count, as they often say, the truth is somewhere in the middle

turning to other subjects, can the Dems save the internet?
rumor has it they will call on their greatest champion to save his greatest invention thus saving the world from global warming due to lack of porn and free music
America's broadband sucks, its too expensive and too slow:
and if you needed any absolute example of how copyright law has gotten out of hand, here it is:

we bring it on ourselves, first we build a world-wide network of computers with increasing amounts of A.I., then we build robot ninjas that look exact like us, now we've let them know what we taste like...this can only end well:
and from this comes the YouTube vid o' the day:

if you've ever wanted to download anything from a new golf club to a VW Golf, MIT has the device for you:

do you like beer? do you like to travel? then this link's for you!

talk about your crappy alternative energy, poo to power procurator's place:

alright, this is getting ridiculous, we didn't have hot teachers sexing us up in high school and these bastards don't deserve it either:

Ooo ugg ahh ooOOooga mmmaaa grrrr rrrrAAAA!!

a horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless its a burger:
remember kids, we only eat dumb, uncute things in God's Country

road trip!

and don't worry Christian shoppers, in addition to low prices you now get a "Merry Christmas" too:

yeah so I've seen 11 out of 16...what of it?  best worst movies ever:
my absolute favorite still has to be J.Lo firing that bolt action rifle several times without reloading
and the best line from the article "In fact, stand up in your cubicle right now and shout "Who is the master?" Anyone who doesn't answer "Sho' nuff!" is someone you never need to speak to again."

what email would be complete without the Daily Schadenfreude?

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