Wednesday, November 8, 2006

roll that beautiful news footage!

well, I guess I have to rule out any conspiracy for Republicans to steal the election using e-voting...I'm kinda disappointed.  I love a good conspiracy but the best I can come up with now is that Republicans are just lulling us into a false sense of security before they really strike in '08.  oh yea, that's right, a third Bush term is just around the corner, you'll see.  but for now we bask in the light of our new partisan Congress which is sure to be more impotent than ever.  I do find it sad that after 6 years of ReBushicans and 12 years of GOP goodness that the better alternative is one where most of the power is canceled out.  but that's politics.

BOOYAH! bye bye Rummy, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out:
and now we know what we didn't know when we were still thinking it was a known unknown:

stem cells are evil and contain the souls of dead babies and have never been proven to do anything useful...wait, what's that? are you sure? I see....ladies and gentlemen stem cells cure blindness and are the greatest thing since sliced bread:
farmer's wife unavailable for comment

if you're being pummeled in the media, despised by the voters, and lacking any credible options for winning the election then the next best thing is to keep your opponents out of the voting booths:

nanotech is coming, will you live forever?
at the very least it would give you time to catch up on all those shows on your Tivo

who knew the man in the moon was really Shiva?,00040005.htm

sweeeeeeeet, I want one, its the coolest phone yet:
I continue to be disappointed in the lack of asswiping ability however

I think this is my favorite link this week, what do you do with a woman who's in jail for check fraud? let her post bail with a check, naturally:,1,6932000.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

mmmmm, wrap your mouth around one of these, its so big and meaty:,,2-2006510748,00.html

sexual enhancement from the other perspective (NSFW):
and something to help her out:

and women wonder why we sleep around? it'd be dangerous NOT to!,,2-2006510597,00.html

wouldn't you know that the "NASA caught napping" photos would be from Alabama:;s=1;w=525

all I really need to know I learned in 80's cartoons:

its gone all wrong, where's the german dude when you need him?

what floats like a duck, talks like a duck, and makes lots of fresh water like a duck?
she's a witch!

excuse me, you have my I have to kill you:

and last but not least, a true Daily Schadenfreude:
congratulations K-Fed on your soon-to-be "where are they now?" celebrity status, I hear McDonald's is hiring

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