Tuesday, December 19, 2006

whats more fun than a mindbogglingly huge debt? the news you might not be able to pay it back!

out of the gate today we'll examine the fact that we're boned...completely, utterly boned and here's why:
"Despite improvement in both the fiscal year 2006 reported net operating cost and the cash-based budget deficit, the U.S. government's total reported liabilities, net social insurance commitments, and other fiscal exposures continue to grow and now total approximately $50 trillion, representing approximately four times the Nation's total output (GDP) in fiscal year 2006, up from about $20 trillion, or two times GDP in fiscal year 2000."
wow, I wonder, what could have possibly happened between 2000 and 2006? <strokes chin and muses> "gee, that's a tough one mister, can I still have $50 so I can buy an apple core for my family?  and if you have a stack of ones on you we could really use that for our fire."  and if that isn't bad enough, oil is now starting the trend to be traded on the euro instead of the dollar.
I can't begin to tell you how bad this can become, but here's a primer.
simple solution? kill the old people and nuke the banks carrying our debt.  PROBLEM SOLVED! :D

this I found interesting and important enough to put close to the top:
A FREE, ANONYMOUS internet phone number that forwards to your phone of choice, VIVA LA INFORMATION REVOLUTION!!

HOLY...FREAKING...CRAP  this is a new low for The Administration, if you've been mentally fucked up by governmental torture (which we don't do, but just saying if it did happen) then your testimony about said alleged torture is unacceptable in court because you're mentally incompetent:
ladies and gentlemen, this is endgame, I can give you no greater example of 1984 draconian ideology than that

oh First Amendment, what a pesky little bugger you are, you're either too strong or not strong enough:

Pelosi plans to peek at pesky political purses:
proof the Dems aren't all they're cracked up to be, in case you forgot they're politicians too

North Korean demands for disarming their nukes:
my favorite? number 57: we demand Teresa Heinz Kerry because she's so saucy

the best way to deal with criticism? don't let those bastards say it in the first place:

the top 10 stories of 2006 I would have gotten to eventually:
wait, does this count? yes? awesome, I covered everything this year!

remember kids, you don't want to be an "enemy combatant" in custody of the US:

foreign policy, founding father style:

cigarettes cause global warming...wait, no, I read that wrong.  what do global warming and cigarettes have in common?  according to people that profit from them, neither will kill you:

bye bye science, we hardly knew ye:
but the scientists will fight the power:

here we have possibly the best definition of irony I've seen lately:

how do you settle differences in the 21st century? with Wii of course!

when jumping into a shark tank with steaks strapped to you isn't enough:

internet? cable TV? phone service?  AT&T says "yes-no/no-yes" and asks if the FCC can define "is"

now you see me, but soon you won't:


makes you think twice about that McDonald's ranch burger doesn't it?
and speaking of white goo, did you know that mayonnaise demostrates quantum mechanics?

and the Daily Schadenfreude:

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